Friday, January 27, 2006

I Think I'm Officially Off the List

Not that I really mind. In fact, I'm kinda relieved, but it does sting a little. A couple of my coworkers are going out after work and I was invited. In the past it's been the two of them and me that always went out together or stay out together when everyone else has gone home. I heard them talking on the phone about making sure that "she knows she's going." At first I thought they meant me, but then I realized I hadn't been invited. The only thing I had been told about my potential involvement was that now I am "an old married woman who has to stay home and wait for my husband to get off work."

Truthfully, I've been trying to get out of going out with the guys all the time anyway so it's actually a good thing, but it's kinda sad to see the end of the era.

Deep Thoughts by Me

Now that I'm married, maybe I can get back to having a real thought in my head.

Current topic: Finances.

I have had more than one discussion about money lately. Granted it's a complex issue, but I think 25-35 is an especially interesting age--excluding retirement, which has it's own set of challenges.

During this phase I find that many of us are inclined to be self indulgent. To live it up as it were. And why shouldn't we? We are living! Unfortunately there are consequences. For example: lack of savings for trips, a new home, new snowboard, etc.

So I also find myself leaning to saving and planning for the future. Retiring, buying a house, traveling. Because I have a limited budget I find that this requires some planning. However, planning is not concidered living it up.

If we save so we can do what we want later, but that limits what we want to do now, do we lose out on life in the present? But if we don't prepare for later and live it up now, don't we lose in the future?

I can't help but think that there is a way to win on both ends, but I'm just not sure what that is.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

To Honeymoon Or Not To Honeymoon

We've planned a whirlwind of a honeymoon for right after the wedding. We fly from Spokane to Reno on Sunday. Visit Tahoe on Tuesday. Fly back to Spokane on Tuesday. Drive back to Portland Tuesday night. G goes back to work Wednesday. Whew! It makes me exhausted just to think about it. *laugh*

But to cancel means to pay at least $150. Not so sure I want to do that either.