Friday, October 07, 2005

Is It Just Me Or Is The Escalator Going The Wrong Way?

Yes. Yes it is. I walked into my building this morning and went to get on the escalator to ride it to my suite, but something was very wrong. I stood there for quite some time puzzling over the fact that the escalator seemed to be coming at me. I think I even went to step on it, but stopped short, fortunately.

It felt so odd to ride up the other side. For a second I thought maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and this was the way we normally go to get to the office and I was a bit embarrassed with my foolishness.

However, apparently a couple of coworkers had been watching me struggle with the change in my routine and one of them was waiting at the door to raze me about it. LOL.

I'm happy to know that I'm getting into a routine. I'm not very good at establishing them, but I feel much better when I have one. Yay!


Martha said...

This afternoon I rode in the elevator with a coworker and student. We were so busy commenting on the student's very-sex-in-the-city-shoes that all three of us forgot to push the button. We just stood in the elevator until someone called it to another floor.

Your story reminded me of this, don't know why.

mandygonzo14285595 said...
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brataloid said...

that's awesome!