Thursday, June 22, 2006

Suburbia Linked to Obesity

News flash: "Urban sprawl is a major health risk for Oregonians," according to the Daily Journal of Commerce (Portland, OR). People who live in wide spread suburbs are more likely to be overweight and get in car accidents than people who live in compact communities. While this may be simple "common sense" as C says, I think it's about time someone said it outloud. We need exercise. Obesity kills 1500 people in Oregon each year.

I've often marveled at all the traffic that commutes too and from Portland each day. I admit it. I commute 40 minutes one way each day by Max. However, this requires walking to and from my stops and often standing, which I feel is a little bit better for me. I've been wearing a pedometer off and on for a few months now and I find that days that I ride the Max to and from work I easily add 2,000 to my daily total.

If only we could all live in "walkable communities." That's one thing G and I miss from good old Forest Grove, walking everywhere. We used to walk to the bar, walk to school, walk to work, walk to the Laundromat. I weighed 30lbs less then. Go figure.

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