Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Spirit for a First Timer

G is not really into Christmas trees, but I think it may be the most magical part of the holiday. There is something truly special about going to the lot on Wankers Corner and picking out the "one", cutting it down yourself, stuffing it into your car, taking it home, and getting it to stand up straight. G let me do it all myself this year.

I also love adding the twinkly lights, especially white ones because I think the add such warmth at this cold and dark time of the year. (Ugh! I hate the cold and the dark. So I really look forward to all the holiday decorations that brighten up the world for a few weeks.)

But my most favorite part is pulling out the box of ornaments from the garage, opening it up and unwrapping each one individually letting my memory take me back to the story behind each one. There's Jack from Cinderella, with his little whiskers and orange jacket, which I got from a McDonald's Happy Meal. I had really wanted Gus. Then there's the gold and red candy cane with my name engrave in it that my mom got for me in 5th grade. That was the beginning of the traditional annual ornament. I even still have the tea pot that says "Friendship is a special gift" that I got from Evie in 6th grade. There's Gabe's blown glass icicles that he insisted on buying a couple of years ago. But the one that really gets to me is the ceramic totem pole of teddy bears that my dad and mom carried with them to Paris in 1999. Each one marks a special stage in my life and it's fun to remember them and all the people who touched those steps along the way.

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