Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anger. Is It Ever Productive?

The soon-to-be-ex and I went to H & R Block to get our taxes done by Bob Noel. Bob is a easy-going partially-retired tax preparer who handled the awkwardness of our martial situation graciously. If you're looking for a tax preparer, I'd recommend him.

We managed to remain cordial throughout while working with Bob. G told me all about his family and asked about my birthday plans while Bob entered our info into the system, but then when we left, the real conversation began.

He mentioned that the bank called him about the late payment. I took that opportunity to tell him that I didn't appreciate his decision to stop paying his portion of the mortgage. What I actually said was, "I just want you to know that it really pisses me off." He went on to say that he was going bankrupt, blah, blah, blah -- but I know how much he makes, I saw the balances in his bank account. I don't believe him.

I dropped it because I could see that arguing about it was futile and all I was accomplishing was working myself up. I really thought going off about the unfairness of the financial division would make me feel better, but it didn't.

Any ideas of how I could have handled this situation more effectively?

Photo courtesy of Rene Asmussen.

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Martha said...

I have absolutely nothing useful to offer. The whole thing totally sucks. Anger is not useful, but I have to admit, I'm getting a tiny bit angry on your behalf...