Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 10: Stress Relief

Ugh! What a day. One of the most stressful in a really long time. One problem after another at work. One of them looked like it was going to be days worth of work to fix, but we accidentally discovered a relatively easy solution in the afternoon. By the end of the day my shoulders were in knots. All day I craved a cigarette and by the time I got home I was really stating to crave that bottle of wine in my cupboard, but instead I went on an easy walk, did yoga and played with Tater and eventually the cravings went away. A mini miracle!

Image courtesy of zweettooth.


Martha + Kyle said...

I almost texted you last night to commiserate over my agonizing sugar cravings. :-)

Cherry-aolan said...

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Super Cool Dany said...

hey this post was made on the day of my 14 birthday! :D

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