Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's All About The Attitude

So, I'm reading Night Swimming by Robin Schwarz and it's interesting. The heroine is fat...253 pounds to be exact. At least at the beginning of the book, but after she is diagnosed with terminal cancer and one year to live, she quits her job and moves to Hollywood where she buys an apartment in a complex with a kidney shaped pool and begins to swim every night. Her nightly swims lead to a release of all her harbored emotional trauma from growing up in a small town as well as her losing 175 pounds. In the mean time she falls in love with the pool guy who begins to reciprocate those feelings once she reaches 150, but don't worry she doesn't stop there...she keeps losing weight.

Anyway, as far fetched as the story might be, the author had me until today when I realized that she has made a connection between getting your life together and losing weight and personally...I beg to differ. I happen to know plenty of thin people who do not have their ducks in a row. They don't think positive all the time. They aren't completely self aware. They are not emotionally superior human beings.

Why can't fat just be fat and emotional superiority be emotional superiority. Like Dr. Phil says when dealing with finances you're only dealing with finances. Maybe when dealing with food, you are only dealing with food. Life is difficult and challenging for lots of us. I don't think that it is any less difficult if you are thin. We all have our vices. Why should I have to get my whole life together in order to be my ideal weight? Harrumph.

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Paige said...

There's also the fat and happy theory. I heard it applied to the vegetarian versus carnivore but it could also be somewhat applied to the fat versus skinny. It goes something like: You walk into a health food store and everyone is skinny and wrinkly with old looking faces, greenish skin from too many vitamins and lips drawn to a line. You walk into a steakhouse and everyone is rosy pink, warm and round with smiling faces flushed from the red wine and meat and they are conversing and laughing loudly. I think the priciple is the same though, the heroine in your story decided to change when she thought she was going to die. She went to live where she wanted, picked up a hobby she enjoyed etc. Some people have extreme diets one way or the other to try and prolong life like vitamin poppers or to lose weight to reach their perceived ideal. Perhaps one of the lessons is to live in the moment and don't worry too much about the future.