Thursday, July 14, 2005

What I like about him

So it's dawned on me on more than one occasion that I often find myself in conversations with my friends and relatives about our partners. (Perhaps because I am obsessed with this thing we call love, but that's beside the point.) What I find interesting about this trend is that it is seems to be much more common to complain about our SOs than it is to praise them. I can't remember the last time I publicly praised my fiance (probably just after he proposed, which was in January).

And the obvious question is why is this the case? Is it simply easier to be negative? Is it more socially acceptable? If we talk about the positive are we bragging? Are we by human nature concerned that if we overlook the negative more often and focus on the positive that we are in danger of emotional let down? Are we conditioned to grow bitter as we converse until we get so fed up we get divorced?

It seems to me that we get so caught up in trying to compromise or make it work or get our own way that we forget why we got into the relationship in the first place. In the majority of situations, we hopped onto the relationship roller coaster because there was something we liked about the person who was asking us to sit in the seat next to them.

I know. I know. You're thinking I liked him/her then, but the person I'm with now is nothing like that. Chances are there still a few of those original attractive character traits underneath the coffee slurping and the incessant snoring.

So I say, "let's all take a day to remember what it is that we like about our partners." To help you out I have provided a list of things that I came up with that I like about my fiance. It is as follows:
He's smart.
He's funny.
He's spontaneous.
He's fun-loving.
He's playful.
He's goofy.
He's sweet.
He's sensitive.
He's manly.
He's strong.
He's sexy.
He's romantic.
He's loving.
He's responsible.
He's tall.
He's strong.
He's fast.
He's intuitive.
He's sexy.
He's energetic.
He's productive.
He's creative.
He's clever.
He's adventurous.

That aught to get you started. Have fun and enjoy your mate for a day, or two, or a lifetime.

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Terra said...

amen, sister! You rock.