Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gaining Ground Farm

I found a flyer for Gaining Ground Farm by the mailbox yesterday. I would really like to be a subscriber. I really think the Mike, Jill, Kamili and Izzie sound like a wonder family and wonderful farmers.

I also really believe that what they are doing is not only better for our bodies, but better for our communities and better for our environment and economy as a whole.

BUT, I can't justify paying $500 for 20 weeks of fresh veggies and eggs up front. What if I don't like it? What if it's too much and it goes to waste? What if I can't arrange to make it to the pick ups on time?

I don't think $25 a week for produce and eggs is unreasonable. I just wish I could pay as I go.


Terra said...

That's a large chunk of change, to be sure. Sounds like maybe they're trying to weed out the "hmmm...maybe-ers" from the "Hell yes-ers" Don't feel bad that you're one of the former. There are other establishments similar to this (as we discussed.) I wouldn't shell out $500 without being able to do some trial.

ernmeg said...

Hey Nat, I found this through Portland Picks: They'll deliver a bin on organic produce to you weekly, a lot of which is local. You can pay weekly and pick the size of bin that you'd like. It sounds great!