Friday, March 10, 2006

Am I too Sensitive?

Today I was talking with my husband on the phone and it happened again. By "it" I mean he reaches a threshold when he all of a sudden can't wait to get off the phone. There's no warning. One minute we're having a great discussion. Taking turns, listening, talking, etc. The next he's saying "Ok" in that tone that really means "Ok, I can't take this anymore. I haven't heard a thing you've said and I can't wait to get off the phone." For some reason this leaves me feeling crushed. My chest actually hurt when we hung up today. It's as though he's saying what I have to say is not important or interesting.

Is it possible that the problem the way I take it. Perhaps I take it too personally. It is not that I as a person am not interesting, it's just what I'm saying at that particular moment is not engaging him.

I'm sure I've done something similar to him before. Sometimes he talks about things that I'm not interested in or can't follow.

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Carlos said...

Yes. :D