Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Morning

Today I feel mysteriously awakened. As though, I have been in some kind of hazy dream state, which was not reality. As if, all of a sudden I have been reborn a new and improved version of me (not in a particularly religious sense). One that is more alive. Like I am re-me.

Perhaps it is the fact that I actually made it through an entire cup of decaf coffee without having to leave the house. I took so long I even had to reheat it at one point. Or maybe it's that the windows are open. It could be the addition of Tater into our lives.

Or maybe it was the walk we too through Washington Park to Pittock Mansion. We're finally getting outside again. Perhaps it is the combination of the "healthier" foods I've been eating and the decrease in consumption of alcohol. Perhaps it's the book we're reading for book club What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt, which among other things has reminded me that the process of developing an idea or thought and then finding a way to express it is a valid pastime.

Perhaps it my reconnection with one of my favorite magazines when I was in college Utne Reader, which has reminded me that while I am important there are other bigger issues out there that are also worth my time. For more on these issues visit

Or maybe it's being charge of the online movie rental account. We're trying Blockbuster this time. So far I've received three of the movies that I picked out and watched two. Both I enjoyed. The first was Garden State with Zach Braff from Scrubs and Natalie Portman a story about a man my age who finds himself and love in, what seemed to me a somewhat realistic and imperfect way. The second was Finding Neverland which is both sad and happy, also involves imperfect love.

Maybe it's the resolved conflict between my husband I, the rediscovery or our own imperfect love. Or maybe, pardon the rhyme, it is all of the above.


Martha said...

It sounds like you had a great day. I can't believe how late it is! I am still in my pajamas, I haven't showered. I could look at is a wasted day or I could look at it as a day of much deserved relaxation. :-)

brataloid said...

i'd go with the later if i were you :)