Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cats Like Water?

My kitten has taken to drinking out of the dog's water dish which is more like a kiddy pool for the kitten. It's so big and high off the ground that he has to stand on his back feet and put his front feet into the water to get any on his tongue. So I didn't think anything of it when he came into the kitchen with his face and front paws so dripping wet he kept sprinkling me with droplets.

But later I was sitting on the couch and I turned around to find him wading and splashing in the water dish. He kinda looked like he was getting ready to pee in it so I grabbed him out of the dish. There was water everywhere. All over the wall. All over the floor. All over the kitten.

All that water gave me a great idea. "Shadow (his unofficial name) must have been in the water dish getting wet because he feels dirty and wants a bath." So I took him over to the kitchen sink and proceeded to thoroughly soak him and then lather him with dish soap. He really didn't seem to mind any of this until I went to rinse him off again. Yowza!


carlos said...

I'm still laughing because you used dish soap on your kitten.

While I'm sure nothing is going to happen to him, you should probably buy kitty shampoo for him.

Repeated washings with something made to cut grease can't be good for anyone.

Dish soap on the kitty. HAHA. You make me laugh.

brataloid said...

so apparently it's not that kittens don't like water it's that they don't like dish soap. now i get it. he. he.