Monday, August 01, 2005

Official Overreactor

o·ver·re·ac, intr.v. o·ver·re·act·ed, o·ver·re·act·ing, o·ver·re·acts
To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.

It's official. I'm an overreactor. I'm sulky and childish when i don't get my own way. Example: Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and all I really wanted was to go to the beach, but that wasn't happening so I was willing to settle for the pool. The plan was to go the grocery store, rearrange the garage and then go swimming. In my mind we'd be pool side by 3pm at the latest. Turns out we didn't get there until 9pm.

So when my fiance suggested going to the pool and we got into our swim suits and then he stopped to play on the computer for I few minutes I was livid. I sulked on the couch for a few minutes until i couldn't take it anymore and I stomped up the stairs, past him in the hall and changed back into my regular clothes.

Eventually he coaxed me back into my bathing suit and down to the pool. I knew I was being a child, but I really wanted to be angry at him. To make him pay for making me wait. Wow! That's really loving isn't it? Not!

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