Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Going On Two Weeks

I'm going on two weeks of working out at my new gym and I'm lovin' it. Granted it's not easy to get myself up and out of bed at 5am, but once I'm movin' it's worth it.

The trickiest part has been getting my sleep schedule down. Until today I've been waking up, working out, going home getting ready for work, and then catching the Max only to fall asleep as soon as I can find a seat. Then I hunt for coffee first thing when I get to the office (decaf, but still...this is a new habit for me). After lunch I run to the Sundry store to by a diet soda to help me make it through the slump. I usually fall asleep again on the ride home. Then I get home and run around until 11pm.

But it's after 10am and I haven't had to make a coffee run yet. I didn't fall asleep on the max. I've hardly even yawned. What's my secret? Beer. It's true. I drank one beer last night over the period of an hour so when 10pm rolled around I was ready to hit the hay. Just relaxed enough to fall asleep and not wake up again until my alarm went off at 4:50am. I slept so well I practically bounded out of bed.

Had I imbibed more than one, I probably would have been dragging so I think the key is moderation. One is enough to help me relax and sleep well without feeling drained the next day.

P.S. I may be imagining things, but I swear my abs feel like they're getting more toned. Yay!

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Terra said...

Beer-the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

-Homer Simpson